Princess, we are very proud on our newest dressage model. The princess is especially for the female riders and their anatomic needs.

It is very slim in the front for a loose leg without blocking the hips but wide in the back seat to support the ischiums that are more apart than the ones of the males. We also have a special extra padding to support the shorter ischiums. The seat is very exclusively modeled and also girthed for the extra comfort.


The blocks in the front are attached with velcro and not super prominent. The leather of the kneeblocks is very soft and comfortable for the knees. The blocks in the back support the leg without limiting it. Flying changes, pirouettes or traversals are for sure no problem. A very nice detail is that the back blocks are attached at the sweat flap and have therefore the cut-out on the top flap.


For all "pretty in pinc" fans or fans of "golden highlights", the princess is available in exceptional colours in the sewing, piping, burle and stirrup leather attachment. Of course it is also available in more restrained colours :) .


By the way, also men are excited about the Princess.